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A new dynamic sport !

Combining skills from:






Surfball is played on a beach court (30m x 15m) a little longer and wider than a beach volleyball court.

There are 2 goals (12m long x 2.5m high) at each end of the court.


Two teams of 2 stand at either end and throw the surfball (like a tennis ball) bouncing it once on the "centrepiece" which is a moulded hard fibreglass surface shaped into a pattern of "waves" and "craters". 

The ball deflects off the centrepiece, often in a slightly unpredictable direction.


The thrower is attempting to either;

Score a goal - 5 points

Land the ball in the receiver's court - 1 point


The receiver is attempting to either;


Catch the ball on the full (off the centrepiece) - 1 point

Stop the ball from entering the goal


If the receiver;

Drops the ball - 1 point to thrower

Deflects the ball out of play - 1 point to thrower

If the thrower;

Misses the centrepiece (on the full) - 1 point to receiver

Misses the goal/fails to land the ball in the receiver's court -

1 point to the receiver


Play begins with 1st throw from behind goal-line

Play is continuous - max 5 seconds to release ball

Catcher of ball can throw from catch point (or throw to partner to throw from his/her catch point (Must be fully within the court). Any drop ball in-so-doing concedes 1 point (and re-start is from behind goal-line)

Receiver who concedes a goal - Re-start throw is from behind goal-line

Receiver who drops a catch or deflects ball out - 1 point to Thrower and re-start from behind goal-line.

Ball that lands (untouched by Receiver) anywhere out of play - Re-start from behind goal-line


Surball court + 8m Centrepiece FINAL.png

4 x quarters of 5 mins each  
Change ends each quarter
"Service" throw from behind goal-line
"Re-start" throws from behind goal-line
5 points for goal
1 point per catch
1 point for landing ball in "score zone"
1 point conceded for dropped catch.

A catch is deemed successful if caught after being deflected off player, playing partner or any part of goal post or crossbar, or all of the above.

A catch is deemed successful if it is caught across the goal-line but before it touches the net or ground. 

Dropping the ball over the goal-line after a catch is complete and prior to, or in the motion of any "Re-start" throw is a goal.

A player can enter the "No Score Zone" to attempt a catch. If successful, the "re-start" is from the nearest point to the catch in the catcher's "Score Zone".


The Centrepiece is made from hard moulded shiny plastic.

The ball is similar to a tennis ball.

Looking from the goal towards the other goal, an area approx 5 metres wide, in the middle of the Centrepiece, is essentially flat, but with a few "craters". From either edge of the flat section moving laterally, the shapes become "wave" like to varying degrees. Other "bumps" and "craters" are also incorporated.

The overall objective is to entice the thrower to assess what deviation to the flight of the ball can be caused by hitting the various, curves, shapes, bumps, craters or flat section of the Centrepiece.



"early concepts"

The "Centrepiece" model pictured below, is taken from "above". It shows the very basic concept of wave-like mounds that run from goal to goal and also "craters" that are positioned to demonstrate the start point of the "Centrepiece" design.

Surfball - for WIX  tapered -  from above.png

Looking from the goal towards other goal this sand moulded section is (part of) the CENTREPIECE. 

It shows the left side as being shaped such that throws hitting it's right side should deflect back towards the centre of the opposition's goal.

Note the "craters". Accurate throws will deviate the ball left or right, up or down (keep low)


Surfball - lob copy.png

The middle long "hump" is, from the thrower's side,  tapered gradually "upwards" inviting a throw that might bounce and loop over an opposition player.

Surfball - crater copy.png

Ball thrown - hits inside of the left side of the "crater", "straightens" and rises slightly more than "normal". 

Surfball - right hump (1) copy.png

Ball thrown - hits the right side of the "wave", "straightens" and deflects back to the right.

Surfball - wave.png

Ball thrown - hits the right side of the "outside left wave",  and deflects back inside the left side of goal.

Surfball - 60 degrees.png

Ball thrown - hits the 60 degrees "lip" of the wave and deviates sharply back towards the middle of the goal. 



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