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The SurfBall balance trainer is a revolutionary concept in extreme sports cross-training, superior to and unlike anything else out there!

The SurfBall Training System board

Unlike a regular surfboard, the SurfBall board is specially designed for balance training purposes. Although the SurfBall board looks just like any other surfboard, there are several very important differences.

The concave is the key

The most important difference is the concave depression in the bottom of the SurfBall board.In the future this concave depression can be varied in shape during manufacturing to allow product diversification. More advanced SurfBall training boards can be designed with larger areas for the ball to 'ride in' while the entry level models can have smaller depressions.

Built tough to last!

The boards are build tougher than a conventional surfboardusing a molded fiberglass sandwich construction. This maximizes safety and provides a long-lasting product for the consumer. Surf on the ball in your backyard.

Develop your skills

This Surfing Ball Balance System combines surf balance skills, agility, strength toning and motor skills into one rugged design with a 360 degree range of motion.

The SurfBall Training System ball

The SurfBall training system ball is at the heart of this product. In addition to the surfboard-like training board, the ball is what sets the SurfBall training system apart from every other training product on the market.

Adjustable for everyone

The air pressure determines difficulty By varying the pressure of the ball, the user can develop his or her skills and continue to improve over time. This aspect of the SurfBall training system can't be overstated. It is a key element that sets this product apart from all others.

Use low pressure to start

At the lowest recommended pressures almost anyone can get on and ride the SurfBall. They can feel like they are really surfing without having the high level of balance needed to train on other surf trainers. Gradually, the pressure can be increased to match the users skill level.

As you get better, increase the air pressure

At the higher recommended pressures, even the most skilled surfing athlete can be put through a demanding training program. By changing pressure, the skill level changes. Flat is fairly easy. This is what makes the system so fun!

Adjusting the pressure is easy

The SurfBall comes with a simple hand pump which can change the dynamics in a couple of pumps.

SurfBall - the best balance and agility trainer you can buy!

  1. The Surf Ball Balance Training Device is the only balance trainer with a full 360-degree range of motion
  2. The Surf Ball Balance Training Device is the only balance trainer using a full-size realistic surfboard
  3. The Surf Ball Balance Training Device is the only balance trainer that uses a free flowing, variable pressure training ball.
  4. The Surf Ball Balance Training Device is the only balance trainer used to develop agility, toning and surfing exercises on one compact and rugged design
  5. The Surf Ball Balance Training Device will wear you out and increase you heartbeat to levels never expected, in a very short time!
  6. The Surf Ball Balance Training Device is great for developing lower body strength. It's easily portable and the ball is inflatable!
  7. SurfBall can be used on any soft surface, carpet, special pads, or on the grass in your backyard, at the beach on wet, or dry sand!

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Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton The SurfBall Surf Trainer is the perfect way to keep fit for surfing!

Luke Hargreaves

Luk HargreavesI love to surf, and I love the SurfBall! The SurfBall not only develops your balance and agility, it's the perfect full-body toning exercise. Now that I have a SurfBall, I couldn't live without it!

Gerry Lopez

Gerry LopezThere's nothing more important for surfing than balance and agility. The SurfBall is the best way I've found to keep yourself in tune and ready for the waves.

Dave Kalama

Dave KalamaKeep fit, and the rest will follow. To surf your best, your body has to be in perfect shape, and the SurfBall is the best way I've ever found to keep that edge. I use my SurfBall whenever I can't get to the surf - I heartily recommend it to anyone that wants to keep fit and surf to their full potential.

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