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  • Laird Hamilton - Laird Hamilton is known as the guiding genius of crossover board sports, and he is truly amazing in the water. His size - six-foot-three, 215 pounds - makes him seem indestructible. Laird is the elder son of 60's surfing legend Bill Hamilton, and is a throw back to that time when surfers prided themselves on being all-around watermen.
  • Dave Kalama - Dave is an all around Hawaiian waterman who comes from a lineage of surfing champions.  He is a master wave rider, who began as a world champion windsurfer, and has evolved into one of the pioneers and premiere big wave, tow-in surfers of our time.
  • Gerry Lopez - Only a handful of surfers have been identified with Pipeline and among them, Gerry Lopez was the original master. Lopez rode the wave like nobody else before him, or since. He surfed it with an uncanny sense of timing, perfect positioning and a style so casual it might have appeared to mock the wave's awesome power.
  • - Surf Lessons by Edison on Oahu's North Shore!
  • - Surfboard rentals on Oahu, Hawaii. FREE island-wide delivery & pick up!!
  • / - All The Information About Tow Surfing You'll Need!
  • - Tow Surfing World Champ: Sleds, Ropes, Tow Boards and More!
  • - Hawaiian Soul Surfing.
  • - Ace Cool's Surfing Website.
  • - 100% Organic Energy Drink - Mendo Mate. Try the Big Wave Blend!
  • - Surfing Lessons by Surfing Experts: The Willis Brothers.
  • - Big Wave Surfing Mavericks 2006 - 2007
  • - Surfing Accessories and Clothing.
  • - Worldsurfers E-Magazine and Surfing Guide
  • - Bruce Jones Surfboards and Surf Shop
  • - Tropical, Beach, and Surf Decor and Gift Ideas.
  • - News, Magazine, and Competition for Women Surfers
  • - Pascal Jean Delorme's Amazing Boardsport-based Artwork.
  • - Surfing, Surf Art, and Surf Culture!
  • - Prints of Nostalgic Hawaiian Surfing Cruisers
  • - A Site With a Huge Selection of Surf Posters
  • - Custom Surfing Wetsuits
  • - Feral Dave Surfboards - Diverse is Different.
  • First Stoke: - Board Sports Videos, Pictures, News, Events, Travel and Educational Information

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Gerry Lopez

Gerry LopezThere's nothing more important for surfing than balance and agility. The SurfBall is the best way I've found to keep yourself in tune and ready for the waves.

Dave Kalama

Dave KalamaKeep fit, and the rest will follow. To surf your best, your body has to be in perfect shape, and the SurfBall is the best way I've ever found to keep that edge. I use my SurfBall whenever I can't get to the surf - I heartily recommend it to anyone that wants to keep fit and surf to their full potential.

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