Gerry Lopez

Total body workout for spinal health

The SurfBall balance trainer gives you the perfect full body, core structure workout. SurfBalling works all your body, especially the legs, hips and abdominal region. These muscles provide the main structural support for your spine, and keeping them strong does much to prevent back problems.

Lower back problems are often caused by weak abdominals

Human's upright posture puts a lot of pressure on our backs, especially the lower back . The best way to keep your lower back healthy is to strengthen your abdominal muscles - weak abdominal muscles put the load all on the lower back, and are a primary cause of lower back problems.

SurfBall - way better than crunches!

Besides being a lot more fun, SurfBall balance training provides a much better abdominal workout than crunches or abdominal exercises.

360 degree motion is the key

Unlike the linear motion you get by doing crunches or using ordinary exercise equipment, training with the SurfBall balance trainer delivers a full rotary 360 degree workout to your abdominal area that puts every muscle and ligament to work. This pays off in greater strength, stamina and support for the area, as well as greatly increased agility and balance.

Fun, stimulating, and creative

Unlike ordinary exercise equipment, SurfBall is totally engaging, and a lot of fun to use. And the fun factor means your training will be a welcome blast, rather than an onerous task.

Buy YOUR SurfBall

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Questions? Let us know!

If you have any questions about the SurfBall surf training system or this site, please let us know! Just call us at 808-268-3381, email us or fill in the contact form - we'll get right back with you!

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See what the experts say about Surf Ball

Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton The SurfBall Surf Trainer is the perfect way to keep fit for surfing!

Luke Hargreaves

Luk HargreavesI love to surf, and I love the SurfBall! The SurfBall not only develops your balance and agility, it's the perfect full-body toning exercise. Now that I have a SurfBall, I couldn't live without it!

Gerry Lopez

Gerry LopezThere's nothing more important for surfing than balance and agility. The SurfBall is the best way I've found to keep yourself in tune and ready for the waves.

Dave Kalama

Dave KalamaKeep fit, and the rest will follow. To surf your best, your body has to be in perfect shape, and the SurfBall is the best way I've ever found to keep that edge. I use my SurfBall whenever I can't get to the surf - I heartily recommend it to anyone that wants to keep fit and surf to their full potential.

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SurfBall Surfboard

SurfBall Surfboard

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SurfBall Stub

SurfBall Stub

The SurfBall Stub is perfect for practicing wakeboard and snowboard moves almost anyplace!



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